Three unknown lights or UFOs flying over Kärdla,
the main town of the Baltic Sea Island of Hiiumaa, Estonia
during The St John's Eve on June 23, 2013
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My name is Ivo Tarmisto. On the 23rd of June, 2013 at midnight I went outside my house located in the town of Kärdla. Kärdla is the provincial capital of Hiiumaa county in Estonia and is situated on the island of Hiiumaa.  
I glanced suddenly toward the heavens and spotted a lilac coloured light. I thought at once that on this day, the St John's Eve, maybe someone has set off a skyrocket for the celebrations and I expected that it will descend soon.
St John's Eve (Jaaniõhtu, also Jaanilaupäev) and St John's Day (Jaanipäev) are the most important days in the Estonian calendar, apart from Christmas.
But my expectation was wrong. The lilac-white pulsating light started to move in a straight line with constant speed towards my house and I thought that I needed to go inside and grab my camera.
After getting the camera I ran into my garden to locate the object in the sky. I found it, but now its light was already turned off. I started to film it with my 10 MP Canon IXUS 95 IS camera. I zoomed in and started to follow its course.
My filming of this black object lasted 1 minute and 13 seconds then it disappeared from my view. The starting point of my filming was 11:49:06 PM.
Object moved on the course from NE to SW. It was moving without any sound, with an altitude not higher than 400 – 500 meters, with constant speed and in straight line over my house.
Outside the weather condition was good - no wind was felt, and the lighting condition were good as can be seen from the taping.
For example on June 21st in Estonia - the sun only sets for 60 minutes - it never gets dark.
After I finished the taping I start to look around in the sky again and found another black object moving overhead on the same course as the previous one. This time I wanted to watch it moving with my naked eye and didn't tape it any more.
It seemed to be moving at a little bit lower altitude and I spotted its shape. This was not a correct shape and seemed to be a sharp edged erect ellipse.
I spotted how it sometimes see-sawed to the left and right. After this object vanished I spotted a new one again. This appeared above the tree line on the horizon again from the NE direction.
I grabbed my camera and started to film it. This was a lilac - white coloured pulsating light and followed approximately the same course as previous ones, but a little bit to the south.
The starting point of filming was 11:51:49 PM and the filming lasted 3 minutes and 31 seconds.
Approximately at 2:40 the light of the object was turned off where it remained till the end of the video as a black object.
All shakings in the videos have caused due to my movings with zoomed in camera.
My sighting and taping starting times:

1. light - 11:49:06 PM
2. light – approximately 11:50 PM
3. light - 11:51:49 PM

This slideshow is showing the dynamics of flying light-object of unknown origin over Kärdla the capital of Hiiumaa county - one of the two major Estonian islands in the Baltic Sea
during The St John's Eve on June 23, 2013

Slaidiprogramm - Slideshow

My statements for the snapshots in the slideshow

The snapshots from the first video:
0:17 - A black round object from the first video has is seen. Slide 1.
0:17 - An enlargement of the black object from the slide 1. Slide 2.
0:17 - A more powerful enlargement of the black object from the slide 1. Slide 3.
0:36 - The same black object in another position in the sky. Slide 4.
The snapshots from the second video:
0:03 - A lilac-white pulsating light appeared above the trees line on the horizon. Slide 5.
0:11 - A lilac light has reached above a tree top. Slide 6.
0:13 - The light colour has changed to pale-lilac-white. Slide 7.
0:20 - The light colour has changed to pale-bluish-white. Slide 8.
0:23 - The light colour has changed again to lilac. Slide 9.
0:26 - The light colour has changed to white. Slide 10.
0:30 - The light colour is continuously white. Slide 11.
0:50 - The light colour is lilac. Slide 12.
1:11 - The lilac light above the other tree which is on the opposite side of my house. Slide 13.
1:11 - A more powerful enlargement of the lilac light above the tree top. Slide 14.
1:11 - A more powerful enlargement of the lilac light above the tree top. Slide 15.
1:11-2 - In the same second the light has changed its colour to white. Slide 16.
1:21 - The light colour is pale-lilac-white. Slide 17.
1:31 - The light colour is lilac-white. Slide 18.
1:34 - The light colour is lilac-white. Slide 19.
1:44 - The light colour is lilac-white. Slide 20.
1:48 - The light colour has turned to bluish-white. Slide 21.
1:48 - A more powerful enlargement of the turned to bluish-white light. Slide 22.
1:53 - The light is still bluish-white. Slide 23.
2:05 - The light has turned to lilac again. Slide 24.

The comparison video of flying of the Chinese lantern, I taped a little bit after midnight on January 1st, 2012 on my way home from New Year Eve fireworks on the central square of Kärdla, is in the playlist here.
I saw with my naked eye an orange lighted Chinese lantern flying towards me in the sky. I taped it flying overhead in the zooming regime.
You compare the shape, colour, size and other parameters of the lantern with the unknown light - object in the videos to form your own conclusions...

Videos, composer and developer of the website - Ivo Tarmisto
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