Information from Cosmos

Balanced Evolution

New energy is for mankind.

People need new energy and they get information about this by spiritual planes. Earth have been at the separation for a long time and damaged from false decisions. When separation expires, beings from cosmos help by new energy and thought plans.

New vehicles appeare which use the new energy. They donít need big aerodromes, railway and highway but move well.

New energy allows get another planets. This time doesnít use no more heavy spaceships but very light and speed possibility to move.

Translation of energy which base on against magnetism will appeare at the near future in the consciousness of people and take into use by people.

Energy of sun will start to use fully at a new mode. But another sort of energy available, which people may take in use when explore and use this without prejudice.

It is need to desist from economic good, which got from oil made materials.

Energy from cosmos allows get another planets. To get all of this transformation is need in the thought of people to leave behind present imaginations. To understand that life is elsewhere and more higher level than on Earth on the present time.

Technical progress has been occurring on this planet into theirs frames, onto which level it might grow by human manner of thought.

Existing present energy and it doesnít work correctly. For that reason transformation is necessary and it will be radical, because present energy will be remove and the new one will appear.

Still repairing old buildings, they earlier or later fall into ruins, if to thought onto farther future. New buildings must to build onto new foundations.

Transformation affect people doings on this planet how to live and to use natural resources.

Even this is a big use when to consume a little bit less, have some less wishes and limit needs, donít lavish so much. To use new energy will manage better than to use atomic power because new energy doesnít cause catastrophe as by nuclear catastrophe what will be the end.

From the communication with universe come new ideas what enable to build new machinery, which doesnít need big and to cause contamination factories and nuclear power stations.

Because present energy run out, it doesnít exist during condition of new energy, will come new ideas and conditions.

You will get complement from other planets. There are in particular green and light planets where is good nature and fauna, which are untouched and from there Earth get complement.

Transformation in the atmosphere will be big. Weather will be quiet and mild, where difference between temperatures is not so big as the present time. Difference between cold and warm areas will be less.

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