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In The Reign Of Christ

It will be for a time when everyone may by a wish see New Age or The reign of Christ or fourth dimension or contacts with the spirit world - how somewhere say or wish that it is understood.

It means that two kingdoms, two worlds are existing at the moment together, one in another. But very soon they will separate so that they who are connecting themselves now disappear three - dimensional world, feeling and experience only that still this is exist. Another consciousness, which have moved towards predetermine brightness guess and apprehend this new light, which is approaching.

They see and apprehend in a certain time two conditions at once, they have two visions at the same time. They are the kind of people who wanted to change and grow. For these people this present world disappear abruptly with a roar. It is not the prediction of destruction, but it is the coming of the new time of light.

We have been told all about this and now we want emphasise these things, which will be amazing for those who perceive themselves to be in two worlds at once.

The world is that what man has created itself with his imagination and perception and now is holding onto with all of his sense.

So said doomsday means the end of this image or imagination which has been held so tenaciously.

This new and bright future belongs to everyone who wants to stretch there. Everyone may get to that place, there are no impediments, nobody doesn't lay against one's will, impediments are only those that man himself has created.

This new get ready in silence and appear in the course of time. But these events appear in the consciousness of these people who able to receive it but these are only little.

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