Information from Cosmos

New Beings

There are this kind of beings, whom inhabitants of the Earth don't perceive, because people have low physical frequency.

Spirit worlds are full of different beings, in principle as human beings, but in another condition.

They don't have heavy material bodies, but have light form of spiritual world.

This kind being of spiritual world have different figure too than the man of the physical world. The figure of the physical man is under transformation. Present wrong information move off from the body and it will be lightly.

Wrong programmes, what are inside of man, what have produced illness and malaise to the body and for the mind, move off.

This all is the causation of wrong leadership and from exploiter policy.

After transformations all this things will change, although these don't change in a moment and even in a twice, but beginning have made.

It don't mean, that everyone see changes at present; must understand, that they start on the cosmic plane as spiritual transformations to change reigner and after that begin reverberate reactions on Earth and his ambience, although a little later but they are coming.

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