Information from Cosmos

New Planet Earth

There are an enormous number different worlds. Worlds meaning systems similar to the system you presently live to where you may move.

In this solar system there is also a planet, which is not physical yet, on there perhaps may be a similar kind of life to your own. In your new world will be much bigger and larger horizon, point of view, as so may say. There are lot of planets, star systems, with somebody you may establish contacts.

You observe that they are not far, because the nets what have isolated you taken off then, when the planet born again. You understand, that on the planet Earth may be live well. Then the population goes to those areas, which are preparing for people. Great forests and marshes are homes for wild animals and plants. The homes of men are large meadows, beautiful groves of broadleaf trees, fresh beaches, streams, islands, bays and mountains.

The surface of your planet has changed and is different, the poles and axis have shifted.

When viewing the continents from the poles, then generally continents and water looks like as a little out-stretched ellipsis.

Inhabitants of the Earth have had for a long time the imagination that they live only on a single inhabited planet in your solar system. In this frequency this is true.

Earth reach to the fourth dimension when the frequency of planet will rise.

Natives of Earth will continue to live in the same situation where they live today, their frequency will rise when will raise the frequency of planet, because their natural condition is close to planet.

The frequency of all people will change with the frequency of planet, because humans are people of planet.

All that belongs to the planet is at the same frequency as the planet, including plants, animals and people.

All that is not in harmony with the new vibration or don't tolerate it, must disappear.

The fourth frequency don't appear immediately but will change slowly from the present condition to another.

All who belong to the planet are learning by the projects of their evolutionary path what they must learn here.

The present condition has risen up onto the first spiritual plane and there the sessions will go on. On the Earth and through the Earth people conceive predetermined things, which have included in everyone's evolution path.

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