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Planet Earth At The Menace

Over the course of time Earth as a planet has experienced different strides of evolution.

There have been glacial ages, dry, rainy and misty ages. All these conditions belong to the scheme of evolution of the planet.

The planet is alive as so may to say - creature, as we don't know it. It grows and expands and develops at the same time similar to a living organism.

Now there is a new condition, where the planet arises again into a new situation, onto path of evolution and into a new epoch. This kind of epochs have followed in the history of mankind one after another.

In the course of time on Earth there have arisen high cultures, which have had advanced technical and cultural development.

All they have appeared and disappeared in time in the same way that continents have appeared and disappeared.

Earth as a planet rises, develops and changes itself all the time.

Now we are again at a big junction point and people perceive this in different ways.

The present spiritual situation on the planet is really evil.

Ecological catastrophes happen one after another and the number and size of polluted places enlarges. People are using natural resources of planet rapaciously just for the sake of profit. The atmosphere of planet is filthy, air currents don't flow in their normal way and times of drought continue to grow and the locations where drought occurs continues to widen.

Some people have perceive this and are truly concerned and continue to observe the situation how it proceeds.

Regardless of all this, nothing concrete has really been done and every thinking human being understands that the transformations must take place.

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