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Three Branches Of Science

People do not pay attention to the main point and to settle this main point requires complete comprehension. There are three branches of science:

  • Spiritual science
  • Social science
  • Material science

Spiritual and social sciences are the foundation on which material science lies.

From the beginning of existence humans have been acquainted with higher intelligences, which organize the existing whole.

Relationship between higher intelligence and humans has fluctuated from misgiving to affection but yet there is to learn more about higher intelligence. Spiritual recognizing exists from beginning human existence. The recognition that by collaboration he improves his conditions of life caused him to form first tribes, which is the beginning of social science. From this grew material science.

Continuously growing necessity and wishes stimulate grow up material science what in the course of time develop.

If we examine inventions which occurred on the planet Earth for the last 30 years and then compare these with the last hundred years and then with the thousand years before, then at once to comprehend that material science grows up continuously and is accelerating. Spiritual and social sciences have grown up with time and have not accelerated.

Clearly if not to accelerate grow up foundation then there will come indisputable time when building collapse and break both. This has happened on planet Earth at a previous time and now your civilization has entered into time where this can be repeated easily again.

Your people are now completely menaced by total destruction continuously by activity produced by themselves own work. Simply for that reason there has not been sufficient spiritual and social growth. People are unable to determine what to put into practice in their own work. The majority of your scientists at consciousness by menace to exploit nuclear weapons but onto this essence is an another angle of view what do not confess generally.

It is a fact that the existence of similar weapons only carries your civilization into collapse whether or not these weapons are actually used. This doesn't occur only when nations achieve agreement between themselves.

Everybody may comprehend the truth of this and may want to think over it a bit. Civilizations are built up by people, who think about the future and work for the future. Which people would want to be able dedicate their life and work for unborn generation when this probable future does not even stretch for the next 24 hours?

In your newspapers and magazines there appear many articles about a rapid rise in youth delinquency. Some writers lay the blame on parents, others on school, some to church and state. Actually not one of these carries all the blame. The fact is mostly that youth is very sensitive to the instability of life. All of your psychologists may confirm this and during the history of Earth there has not been such an unstable future as now.

It is possible that the political and military tension between the USA and Russia may continuously last. This means that the next generations will be born and grow up under a continuously impending menace of collapse. No even one civilization what Universe have brought out has been able to last under this condition.

This situation is perfectly clear but how do we settle it? There are many people, who recognize the menace of our present condition, but each of their advice is different. One says, 'we must stop the growth of material science, and to finish work on any kind of advanced programmes and to ban nuclear science. Others go farther and say that we must to destroy material science and to return to nature and live as animals live.

People build a massive building and when they discover by calculation that they have made mistake and the foundation is not able to carry building, what then - to demolish the building?

Hardly a need to do this! The wise thing to do would be to find a way to possibly enlarge and strengthen the foundation. If the growth of material science comes to a stop - this will not be a good result. Society will collapse from this result, and the people who back that option will be paralysed by it. Your material science doesn't something false. After all it is based on rules and principles found throughout the cosmos. It will go on and to spread out itself to horizon which you don't even dream at present - only if you create a strong supporting foundation.

And if they do not then your civilization is going down. Humanity will menace itself into one complete catastrophe where there are only a few survivors. This small group won't be able to nor will they have the wish to create material science again.

During next generations people may fall down to the plane of animals. Then there will be again be the process of growing up. After 15 or 20 thousand years a new civilization appears again. This civilization must settle the same problems and arrive at the same possibilities. If it miscarry it will perish again.

It is countermand law of the Universe which in action correspondingly by human free will. People of planet Earth and their culture aren't predetermined to die out, they may choose to grow up and leave this menace behind their back for ever. It is free choice of the people of planet Earth!

If people are conscious of a positive alternative, there is hardly a doubt about which choice they will make. Fully right, for this here are beings from other systems to give their knowledge to people of planet Earth.

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